Restaurant Insurance - Fast Food

Fast Food Restaurants Special Insurance Program

Fast Food restaurants are my favorite. I've owned 4 of them over the past 20 years. For 14 of those 20 years I’ve also been an Insurance agency owner specializing in insuring fast food restaurants.

I am an official “PHD” graduate of the Fast Food Restaurant “School of Hard Knocks” and I think for new start ups, you guys have it the toughest. I remember my first Worker’s Comp policy was in the state run Pool and I was paying about 50% more than I should have…I didn’t know any better. I didn’t have a 20 year veteran guiding me on the best way to purchase my insurance.

Even after 6 years in the restaurant business there were things “I didn’t know I didn’t know”. What I’ve learned is the “Mom & Pop” owners have different needs and concerns from the major franchise owners so we have actually created 2 Fast Food Specialty Programs, 1 for the small independent operator, and one for the larger franchise operations.

You don’t live and operate in a one size fits all world so we have developed programs that can be customized to your restaurant and your specific needs.

Lastly, I want you to ask yourself what your current agent is doing to help grow your revenue? I'm talking about fast food restaurant specific value added programs that help you put more "Butts in the Seats". We have an arsenal of Restaurant Marketing information, from in restaurant "4 Walls" marketing, to Direct Mail, Loyalty Programs, Promotions..... the list goes on.... and best of all this "Treasure Trove" of tools and information could be yours for the taking..... as one of our clients. You see, we aren't happy just saving you money on your insurance, we want you to succeed in ways you haven't even imagined! We can help you grow your business as well as slash your insurance costs.