Restaurant Insurance - Fine Dining

Special Restaurant Insurance Program For Fine Dining Establishments in North Carolina & South Carolina

You’re a Fine Dining Establishment with special needs and coverage differences that don’t apply to the run of the mill generic restaurant.

Are you tired of paying outrageous Liquor liability rates simply because your Food to Alcohol percentage of sales doesn’t fit into some insurance companies “cookie cutter” formula?

Spoilage you have it? You may think you do, but many policies have a secret little “catch” that makes this coverage worthless unless you know what to look for.

You hold your establishment to a higher standard...there are lots of things you do “above and beyond”. Is your current agent making sure you’re getting the maximum credit for that extra effort?

Last, but not Least...what is your current agent doing to help put more money to Your Bottom Line? I don’t mean just controlling the cost of insurance, but value added programs that help you put more “Butts in the Seats”. We have an arsenal of Restaurant Marketing information from in restaurant “4 Walls” marketing to Direct Mail, Loyalty Programs, promotions...the list goes on and on This Treasure Trove of information is there for the taking, exclusively for our clients.

We do business Your Way...Call, e-mail, fax or face to face...the choice is yours. Why not call us today and put our experience and our programs to work for you, saving you money on your insurance and growing your business at the same time. Call today! Toll Free 877-687-7557.