Shopping For Insurance Online -- Shopper Beware

During these recessionary times a lot of people have felt compelled to try a “do it yourself” approach by shopping for insurance quotes on line.  At Clinard Insurance we strongly support the idea of doing research and we want every one of our clients to be well educated consumers when it comes to their insurance protection.  But there are several risks associated with online insurance shopping and I want to make you aware of them so that you don’t stub your toe if you choose this approach.


An entire industry of insurance lead resellers has cropped up over the past few years.  These are companies that advertise on Google and other search engines and use “pay per click” advertising to lure insurance shoppers to their site.  They then offer the visitor a chance to complete a form with personal information so that the shopper can receive an insurance quote.

What happens next is that the shopper’s personal information is then sold to many different insurance agencies across the internet and these agencies all compete to get you a quote the quickest.  Sounds good so far doesn’t it.  The trouble is that these 3rd party lead resellers are not very diligent about who they let sign up to buy their leads.  This means many unscrupulous businesses are now able to gather information about the insurance shopper by posing as an insurance agent.  The result for the shopper could be a minor annoyance like increased junk email or it could go as far as full blown identity theft. The risks are just too high for the consumer.

We have  a better idea for you.  We know the importance of getting the most bang for your buck and we want you to be able to keep your personal information safe.  If you feel like you would like to check out the marketplace for the best possible rates, give us a call.  We are an independent  agency and we can access many, many insurance companies and help you find the best rates for your particular situation while making sure you have the kind of coverage that meets your comfort level.  You already know us and trust us.  Let us explore the marketplace for you.  We can keep your personal information safe and save you time.