Local Artist Makes Dedication

For the newest “hobby” portion of my blog, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing our client Dot Duggins.  Dot contacted me after reading our quarterly newsletter.  She is a local artist who had been commissioned to paint 2 large paintings for the Walkertown branch of the Forsyth County Public Library system.

The former head librarian of Walkertown library had asked her to do this about 2 years ago.  Once she had them completed, it was decided to reveal both paintings at the library’s 20th anniversary celebration which was set for Saturday May 12, 2012.

In speaking with Dot, I discovered that she started painting when her children started school.  At that time, she signed up for classes at the Sawtooth Center with artist Gene Hagee.  Her desire to paint started after seeing a reproduction of Thomas Gainsborough’s Blue Boy while in the 6th grade.  She told herself then that if she could paint anything it would be something of that magnitude.  So for 40 years, she has been painting.  Her latest project is teaching herself to do portraits.  Her favorite mediums are watercolors and acrylics and her favorite subject is flowers.  Dot also enjoys working in bright colors and leans more towards an impressionistic style of art.

To this day, Dot is a judge in the Fine Arts categories at the Dixie Classic fair, an event in which she herself has won several ribbons. There are currently 10 of her paintings in print. Those prints are used for other small pieces, including notecards.  Once a year in November she and some other local artists have a show in Belews Creek.  It is an invite only event but they do encourage their invitees to bring a friend.

Aside from her art and being a mom, she was also active in the Walkertown Town Council for many years and takes great pride in having brought sewer and water services to the small community.  Dot and 2 of her fellow council members went to Raleigh and actually wrote the bill that was passed allowing sewer service.  Being a resident of Walkertown myself, I had to thank her for this as it has given our small town the ability to attract more businesses.

In closing, if you are driving around Walkertown and see a red convertible mustang with the tags “hot Dot” then you are seeing our very own local artist. Or if you choose to visit the Walkertown Branch library then head over to the children’s section; Dot’s painting are located on the very back wall.  You can see photos of these prints on our Facebook page.

Happy Painting.

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