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Who you choose to do business with does have an impact on our photo

If you want to reduce your own carbon footprint, then you should do business with and support companies who are actively reducing their own environmental impacts.

A Solar Powered Insurance Agency

In November 2013, we installed a 22.8 kw/hr solar power generating system on the South facing roof of our building.  This energy plant, using a net metering system supplies about 85% of our total energy useage for the entire building.  The heart and soul of this system is the 88, monocrystalline solar energy panels installed on our roof.  This directly reduces the amount of coal burned to keep our agency operating and it means that you, as a consumer, can utilize our services knowing that the energy that we use is nearly all produced by a renewable, non-polluting source.

Recyling Our Waste

At Clinard Insurance Group we are doing our part to keep trash out of the landfills and to recycle as much as we can. Here is a short list of the recycling policies in our office.

We are a "paperless" insurance agency. This means that we pickup all of our policy information on a daily download from our companies. Because we do this our insurance companies no longer print out agency copies of policies. This reduces the amount of paper coming in to our office and reduces the amount that we have to recycle.  In addition, we offer almost all of our customers a paperless option as well, meaning that we can email you an electronic copy of your policy, thus reducing even more paper use.

We recycle all waste paper, both shredded and unshredded in our office.

We recycle all plastic, glass and metal that is consumed by our clients and personnel in our office each week.

We want to set an example to other businesses that we should all do our part to minimize the energy and consumables that we use each year. You can feel good knowing that doing business with our agency doesn't turn forests into parking lots or mountain tops into plateaus while we work hard each day to earn your trust.