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Imagine this. Disaster strikes – and we don't know how to find you.

Some time ago, such a tragedy happened to one of our clients – and we vowed we would never let that happen again. Not if we can possibly help it.

So, as an element of our Client Protection System, we created THE EMERGENCY CONTACT PROGRAM™.

Here are just a few examples of how the EMERGENCY CONTACT PROGRAM™ can prevent or help resolve disasters:

A mother and two young children were in an automobile accident. The mother was unconscious, but the two children were only bruised. The highway patrol found our card in her wallet and called. We contacted the mother's EMERGENCY CONTACT – an aunt, who immediately went to the hospital and got the children.

A client's home was badly damaged by fire while they were on vacation. The EMERGENCY CONTACT contacted us. We got the claim going immediately and the windows were boarded up before five that afternoon.

A client's small business was broken into one Friday evening. His business-neighbor, an EMERGENCY CONTACT saw the damage to the front door and called us. We contacted our client and had the claim going before the client arrived.

Unfortunately, the list of things that can go wrong goes on and on. We want to do everything we can to make these easier when they do.

We can send you a form called THE DISASTER PREVENTER, which asks for your most recent contact information, (just to make sure we have the latest numbers), and up to three EMERGENCY CONTACTS. Or you can complete the form to the left.

We will hold your contacts name in confidence and will not solicit them as clients.

If you wish to set up an emergency contact on your account, please call our office at 336-765-1231.