What Would You Do With An Extra $343 In Your Pocket?

Our research indicates that on average we save our new clients $343 on each policy that that bring to us when they switch from their current insurance company.  We specialize in helping people with their home insurance and their car insurance of course, but we also help small contractors and small businesses with their general liability and workers compensation insurance as well as helping automotive repair shops and used car dealers with their garage insurance .   So we got to thinking.  What will all  of these clients of our do with the $343 that they each saved?


Here are a few ideas.  Let’s say you are a gadget person.  You could get yourself  a new iphone and still have about $40 left over for dinner.  Of course you would use one of those tricky new iphone apps to pick out the restaurant you want to visit.  Already have an iphone?  Well besides oozing with cachet, you could now purchase about 150 or so cool apps for your phone.


Not into electronic gadgets?  I know, you can visit your nearby retail clothing store and pick out 4 or 5 tops and 4 or 5 cool pants or skirts to go with them.  And still have a little money in your pocket to share with those pesky teenagers of yours.


Are you a golfer?  Well if so, you could purchase 11 dozen Calloway golf balls with your personal name engraved on each one.  I’m a terrible golfer and lose balls on every outing but that would last someone like me a couple of years!   And hey, if you do play golf, don’t forget to up your liability on your homeowners policy in case one of those golf balls hits someone as it careens out of bounds.


At Clinard Insurance Group in Winston Salem, NC, we work hard to provide all of our clients with the very best insurance coverage at rates that give them a chance to spend some money on things that they enjoy.   We know paying for insurance is unpleasant and we want to do our best to make sure that you have the protection you want and need without overpaying for it.  If you would like top notch, professional advice with no fee at all, give us a call at 888-787-6557 or visit us online at