After the License

Now that I have explained the process of getting your license andthe steps to becoming a full-fledged no restrictions driver, I wanted to follow up with some tips and tricks that will help you as you become a more seasoned driver.

When I first started this series, I mentioned the excitement I felt about getting my license and the freedom I just knew it would allow me. Never once did I think about insurance and how much it would cost my single mom nor did I consider any of the common sense rules that you don’t learn in the handbook.  All I knew was that I could drive my friends down to Main Street and cruise around with all the other teenage drivers. 

Outside of the gradual licensing process, one of the biggest changes I have noticed is that if you are under 18 and considering dropping out of school, you can have your license revoked.   You can also lose your license if you receive a suspension for more than 10 consecutive days or are assigned to an alternative education setting due to disciplinary action for more than 10 consecutive days.  This loss will last for 12 months or until a Driving Eligibility Certificate is obtained.

Here are some tips about your actual driving.

  • When stopped at an intersection and after looking both ways, make your last look in the direction with the least amount of visibility. This allows you to see anything that might come around a blind curve at the last minute.
  • Know how to change a tire
  • If you are caught driving under the influence (over .08) and are convicted, you face losing your license for one year and you will have 12 points added to your insurance. To break it down monetarily, that means that your insurance premiums will increase by 340% once you get your license back
  • Drive with your lights on in any inclement weather or during dawn and dusk hours. Just because you can see does not mean that others can see you
  • Pay attention to not block an intersection. Trying to make that green or yellow light by blocking an intersection just causes a traffic jam where no direction of traffic gets to move forward.

You have been given a great privilege by having a drivers’ license and this is something that can take you on many great adventures throughout your life.  You worked hard to get it, now remember to work hard to keep it.  Be safe and courteous and you will have better driving experiences.

Good luck and happy travels