Are you Ready??? (part 2)

When I last left you, I had talked to you about how to get your learners permit in the State of North Carolina. Today I am here to expand on that and get you to the next level which is the Level 2 Limited Provisional driver license. 

Before you can even apply for the Level 2 license, the state of North Carolina has now mandated that you drive a certain number of hours and keep a log of those hours. This mandate goes into effect January 1, 2012.  Not to worry though if you already have your level 1 or your level 2 license as this will not apply to you. 

So, back to the requirements for this level.  Once you have your provisional learners permit, you will have to log the aforementioned 60 hours behind the wheel under the supervision of your “moving buddy”.  This 60 hours, must include 10 hours of nighttime driving.  The maximum you are allowed to “earn” per week is 10 hours.  When you apply for your Level 2 license, you must turn in the log. 

There are some driving allowances that have changed for the Level 2 license. The first is that you can drive unsupervised from 5a-9p.  You may also drive unsupervised when travelling directly to or from work or any volunteer fire, rescue or emergency medical services. Other requirements and restrictions are:

  1. You must have kept a learner permit for 12 months
  2. You must have no convictions of moving violations or seat belt/mobile phone infractions within the preceding 6 months.
  3. Be at least 16 years old but less than 18 years old.
  4. When driving unsupervised, you cannot have more than 1 passenger under the age of 21 in the vehicle.
  5. As with the Level 1, you are NOT permitted to use a mobile phone, or other device associated with a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle on public areas.

After you complete 6 months with the Limited Provisional License and have maintained a clean driving record, you are eligible to move up to the last and final step, Level 3. This is the Full provisional license which allows you to drive unsupervised at any time. The one constant throughout this graduated license process is the prohibited use of mobile phone. 

So these are the steps you will have to go through to obtain a license.  I have some other tips and rules of the road that I will cover in next week’s blog. It won’t be a Part 3 but will definitely stay in line with this topic.  So for all you young drivers out there, Good luck and if you don’t pass your tests on the first try, you won’t be the first. 

Happy Driving