Are you Ready??? How to get your first Drivers’ License!!!

This is the first of two blogs about the rules and regulations of driving as a teen.  There may be an additional blog necessary if I haven’t covered everything.

Boy do I remember when I was studying for my driver’s license exam. It was all I could think about for months.  Since my birthday is in the summer, I was lucky enough to be able to get my license before going back to school in the fall. What a big thing that was. Of course, back in 1982 getting a license was a much easier thing.  Nowadays, you kids have to practice long hours behind the wheel and once that is done and you actually get your license, there are all kinds of rules until you turn 18.

So we are going to start at the beginning with what is required to take those first steps. The program here in North Carolina is called Graduated Licensing and it is for teens age 15 to 18. There are several levels that need to be taken before you are free to drive yourself anywhere you want without supervision.  

Level 1 is the Limited Learner Permit-available from age 15-18

  • Have your required documents with you.  For your first visit to the NC DMV, license office, you will need your birth certificate plus one other item showing your date of birth. These could be a transcript from your school with an official signature; a valid passport, a US military dependents’ card, etc.  You will also need to have your social Security Card. Last and certainly not least, you will need your Driving Eligibility Certificate and your Driver Education Certificate.
  • Pick a moving partner. No seriously, you will need to have a responsible Supervisor with you whenever you are driving. This person can be a parent, grandparent or other licensed adult approved by your parent.  The supervisor has rules as well. He or she must be a licensed driver, licensed for 5 years and be seated next to driver when supervising.  See we all have rules to follow
  • Submit documents & pay fees.  The fee for a first time learner permit is $15.00. 
  • Pass written, sign and vision tests.
  • Taken and passed an approved driver education course and receive your driving eligibility certificate.

Once you have accomplished all of the above and have found your driving buddy, there are restrictions you must adhere to. They are:  the first 6 months you may only drive from 5a-9p with your supervising driver.  You are not allowed at all to use a mobile phone or other additional technology associated with a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle on public property. 

Well I think that is enough information to get you started. Good luck and stay tuned for the next episode of Gina helps you get your license. Next up is the Limited Provisional License.  

Happy Driving