Carpet Cleaners Insurance

When it comes to Carpet Cleaning Company Insurance needs, you need an insurance agent who insures many other carpet cleaning companies and understands the carpet cleaning business, because your business insurance needs are complicated and a one size fits all approach could leave you with dangerous insurance gaps.Our special Carpet Cleaners Insurance Program is designed to help you get the best possible protection at the lowest price. Our program can handle your carpet cleaning general liability insurance, your workers compensation insurance as well as your insurance for your carpet cleaning equipment and tools and even the insurance on your company owned vehicles.

We understand carpet cleaners and we speak your language. We have tips for helping you gain ground during audit process of your general liability and workers comp policies. We also understand exactly which class codes can give you the best protection while saving you the most money on your general liability policy and your workers compensation policy. And although our agents have a niche understanding of insuring carpet cleaners, and have many years of experience with the very insurance issues that you face, we don’t charge one dime for our time to help you through the complicated process of making sure you have the right protection and can get it at the lowest price. Try asking your accountant or your attorney for an in depth review at no charge. Good luck. But the best part of all is that since we write insurance policies for so many carpet cleaning companies, we can handle your carpet cleaning insurance quote quickly. In most cases we will have your carpet cleaning insurance policy rates ready in 9 minutes or less. Don’t trust your business insurance needs to someone who does not have extensive experience insuring carpet cleaners. Call us today, toll free, at 877-687-7557 for a free risk review and policy quote.